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The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is part of the Department of Human Resources. The EAP is a no-cost, confidential employee benefit for all employees that is also available to household members. The EAP provides short-term counseling (up to 10 sessions), telephone consultation services with licensed mental health clinicians, work/life supports and referral assistance for employees and their families experiencing problems that may affect work performance, job satisfaction, or overall quality of life. All EAP services and supports continue to be available during the COVID-19 pandemic and include both face to face and telehealth options for the counseling services.

With the on-going global pandemic (COVD-19) and recent events in our country please know that you are not alone and the EAP is here for all of you.  As our EAP logo says, "help, when you need it."  Cigna EAP also offers a Veterans Support Line and Mindfullness Program (for all veterans and their families/caregivers).

Additionally, the Employee Assistance Program:

  • Provides an internal and external program (Cigna EAP).  You do not have to have Cigna health insurance--all employees can use Cigna EAP-it is a separate benefit
  • Provides additional resources including legal, financial, and other work/life support services through Cigna EAP
  • Provides management consultation services to administrators/managers  
  • Provides staff development on a variety of work/life issues to schools and offices
  • Offers support after a traumatic or critical event and works closely with the BCPS Traumatic Loss Teams
  • Offers 24/7/365 days a year availability through the Cigna EAP toll free number,       1-888-431-4334.  When asking for the counseling services, ask for an availability search (use those words) of counselors who can help you with your concerns who are taking new Cigna EAP clients

The EAP’s Website provides:

BCPS EAP Specialist
Bernard Mccann
[email protected]
Greenwood Campus, Building E  
6901 North Charles Street 
Towson, MD 21204
443-809-5414 (Confidential Voicemail)

Cigna EAP (External EAP) (available to all employees--you do not have to carry Cigna health insurance--the EAP is a separate benefit)

1-888-431-4334 (24/7/365)
Registration/Logon ID: baltimore
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