Retiree Benefits

To enroll in or make a change to your current retiree benefit elections, please complete and submit the BCPS Retiree Benefits Enrollment/Change Application to the Office of Retiree Benefits.

Summary of Retiree Benefits


Retirees who, immediately following active employment, begin to receive a monthly pension are eligible to enroll themselves and their eligible dependents in medical/prescription, dental, and vision plans. Life insurance plans may be continued if enrolled while employed. Retirees who do not qualify for a pension or who have elected to defer pension benefits are ineligible to participate in benefits. Premium deductions will be withheld from your pension check on a pre-tax basis. 

Medical Plans

A retiree’s monthly premium for selected health insurance coverage depends on the following factors: Years of service employed with BCPS at the time of retirement. (Eligible military service may be added to your years. BCPS years does not include contractual, temporary, or substitute assignments), the health plan chosen and the level of coverage selected.

Non-Medicare Plans:

Cigna Open-Access Plus In-Network (OAPIN)
Cigna Open-Access Plie In and Out-of-Network (OAP)
Kaiser Permanente HMO

Medicare Supplemental Plans:

2023 Retiree Medicare Benefits Guide -RetireeFirst
2023 Medicare Rate Sheet- Medical
2023 Medicare Retiree Rates-Dental.Vision

BCPS will continue to require that as soon as a retiree, spouse or dependent of a retiree is eligible for Medicare that they accept Medicare as their primary health insurance and enroll in Medicare parts A & B. Prescription plans are bundled with both plan options, so retirees do NOT need to enroll in a Part D prescription Plan.


Baltimore County Public Schools has partnered with RetireeFirst to provide our Medicare-eligible retirees, dependents and beneficiaries with access to quality, value-added healthcare coverage. RetireeFirst is a retiree benefit administrator and advocacy company that specializes in retiree healthcare and is not an insurance carrier.
RetireeFirst administers medical and prescription benefits exclusively through the Baltimore County Retiree Private Medicare Exchange. This platform offers sustainability over the long-term through an approach that allows BCPS to continue subsidizing your medical and prescription premiums based on your date of retirement, and years of service.

Watch the virtual retiree health seminar to learn more about the plans offered. Medicare retirees have the choice of five prescription plans, three Cigna Medicare Advantage plans, the Kaiser Medicare Advantage plan, the Cigna Medicare Surround Supplemental and the United American Supplemental plan. The Mid and High Cigna Advantage and Prescription plans have the addition of an "adherence package" that makes thousands of maintenance drugs available at $0 copay and no deductible. The Office of Benefits and Retirement continues to administer dental, vision and life insurance for Medicare retirees, along with all non-Medicare plans.


RetireeFirst has a team of Retiree Advocates dedicated to Baltimore County Public Schools that can assist with the enrollment process, retiree advocacy and other support services. Call 443-290-3114 or 1-856-780-6218 to speak to an advocate via a personalized phone consultation to evaluate your individual needs and discuss plan options.

Dental and Vision Plans

Retirees may continue their dental and vision coverage. The retiree is responsible for the full cost of dental and vision coverage for him/herself or any eligible dependents at the COBRA equivalent rate.
CareFirst Regional Dental PPO
CareFirst Regional Dental Traditional
Cigna Dental Care Access DHMO
National Vision Administrators (NVA) Vision *New for 2023

Life Insurance

Continuation is optional. If you do no elect to continue this benefit at the time of retirement, you will forfeit your eligibility indefinitely. Retirees may not elect to continue more than $50,000 in coverage. This includes $15,000 of Basic Term Life Insurance and up to $35,000 in Supplemental Life Insurance

Supplemental Life Insurance coverage immediately reduces by 10% on the date of retirement. Therefore, the maximum amount of total Life Insurance on the date of retirement is $46,500. Following retirement, the Supplemental Life Insurance will be reduced by the same dollar amount on each of the following four anniversaries of your retirement date. The cost of Life Insurance is paid entirely by the retiree. Premiums are deducted from your pension check. Coverage terminated for non-payment of premium cannot be reinstated.

Retirees may cancel their Basic Term Life and/or Supplemental Life Insurance Coverage at any time. Coverage which has been cancelled cannot be reinstated.

Additional information including rates can be found in the 2023 BCPS Guide: Active and Non-Medicare Retirees.