Welcome to Employee Wellness!

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As the new Employee Wellness Program Facilitator for BCPS, I am excited to reintroduce what will become an important step toward improved health and wellbeing for the BCPS family and community at large.  The Employee Wellness Program is not a new initiative.  It has been an ongoing endeavor that several of you have taken part and received great benefit.  These past few years have taken an emotional and physical toll on many people and almost all of us know someone whose life has been impacted by COVID-19 in some way.  With all that has happened in the world beyond our school and office doors, it is imperative that we place an even higher degree of importance on personal health and wellness.  I believe wellness is so much more than the absence of disease.  True wellness, in my opinion, is the manifestation of the life each one of us has created.  Our degree of wellness (and happiness) is predicated, at least in part, on the choices we make (both big and small) to be better every day. 

One of the goals for this program is to increase employee satisfaction at work.  We also want you to feel supported and encouraged to play an active role in meeting your individual health needs.  To help achieve these goals, the Employee Wellness Program will continue to offer a wholistic approach to enriching the lives of BCPS staff and your families through thoughtful and engaging programming, considering the whole person and the “little things” that contribute to a life well-lived.  Please visit our new virtual employee wellness portal Health Fairs Plus to enjoy online fitness classes, take virtual relaxation breaks, and discover a plethora of information on a range of topics focused on your personal wellness needs.

In the coming weeks and months, I will share all the different ways the BCPS Employee Wellness Program can assist you in living a more meaningful and enjoyable life especially at work.  I encourage you to partner with the Wellness Program and share your ideas on how to make it the most inclusive and robust program it can be.  To assist in this effort, we are recruiting “Wellness Ambassadors” at each of your schools and worksites to help promote the program’s benefits and activities and serve as role models for good health.  If you would like to be your team’s wellness champion or if you would like to nominate one of your teammates, please send a message to me at [email protected].  As our program continues to evolve, I also invite you to share your wellness success stories to inspire and motivate others to be healthier.

Wishing you abundant peace and happiness!


Tasha D. Manigo-Bizzell, MS, MBA, LDN, CNS, L.E.

Employee Wellness Program Facilitator

Baltimore County Public Schools